Let it Slide started off as a little guitar riff I came up with about a year ago. I was definitely vibing on the Black Crowes and Blackberry Smoke because in my head, I was hearing vocals that could be sung by someone like Chris Robinson with female backup harmonies. The song has a radio-friendly groove, a unique sounding bridge and a rocked-out end vamp that you can jam on for a long time until you eventually decide to fade out. It took about a week of tweaking to get the right drum groove, and then I sat on the basic idea for a long time until I finished it.

As with all of my beats and instrumentals, I try to give the songs a lot of space for vocals and different harmonies, so I try not to overdo it with too many fills or solos. I definitely had to hold myself back on this one because I really just wanted to rock all over it.

I am still tempted to keep this one for myself and find a decent singer to finish it up, but for now, I’ll let you all have a chance to do something amazing with it. As you can tell, I am a little attached to this one, so enjoy it while it is still in my beat shop.


Track Details:

Tempo: 74BPM
Key: A Maj

This was recorded in Reason Studios (my favorite DAW of choice) and the drums were programmed using EZ Drummer 2. The electric parts were done using my Gibson Les Paul Goldtop 50’s reissue and Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5.

The mix mp3 was mastered with T-RackS 5 by IK Multimedia. As always the wav file is untagged, unmastered and includes all of the track out stems.

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