Angel of Mercy is a rocked-out country instrumental with a gospel-style 6/8 swing. This was actually one of the first songs I ever wrote. I was driving down the freeway in my beat-up 70’s Dodge van and listening to Janice Joplin on a cassette recorder that sat on the passenger seat because I was too broke to buy a car stereo.

The entire song just came out in about 20 minutes, lyrics and music, and I took it home and wrote the guitar parts on the same day after work.

Unfortunately, I was never able to find a vocalist that I liked enough to do the vocals, so instead of sitting on the music forever, I decided to just release it as an instrumental. If you are interested in this song and need lyric ideas, I would be happy to pass them on to you.

I have been sitting on a TON of unfinished material, so my new motto is, just get it done and move on. This is why I also decided to start releasing my songs as instrumentals: one because I am a terrible singer, two, because I don’t have time for a real band these days, and three, I like to think of beat making and instrumentals as a proactive in completion.

I also have a diverse set of interests, so I have alt-country music, rock, electronic, industrial, metal, hip-hop, trap… I’m all over the place and I doubt I will ever have a complete band for every genre, so it makes more sense to just license out the music to anyone who wants to take it and make something amazing with it and give me a little credit 😉

Track Details:

Tempo: 75BPM
Key: G Maj

This was recorded in Reason Studios (my favorite DAW of choice) and the drums were programmed using EZ Drummer 2. The acoustic was done using an Ibanez Jumbo acoustic and the electric parts were done using my Gibson Les Paul Goldtop 50’s reissue and my Fender American Standard Tele.

The mix mp3 was mastered with T-RackS 5 by IK Multimedia.

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