Musician, Music Producer & Beatmaker

What’s good? Thanks for checking out my website! My name is Sean Earley, and I am a music producer, guitarist, beatmaker, marketing consultant and podcast host.

I grew up in Seattle’s rainy Pacific Northwest music scene and have played guitar and produced music for a variety of indie & major lable rock, punk, electronic, industrial, pop and hip hop artists including: Paper, John Oszajca (Interscope Records) Radio Nationals (Roam Records) Cakeboy, Redskin / Blockburners, & Zack Stokes.

I have a certification from the Recording Workshop and my second home is in front of the DAW. (I do most of my work in Reason Studios) When I am not working my own music, I write and produce music, make beats and instrumental soundtracks, which I regularly post on this website and in my online shop for licensing.

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